How the iPad POS Helped My Donut Shop Edge Out the Competition

I have always had a big sweet tooth. Cakes, pastries, ice cream, you name it, I love it. But my real weakness has always been for donuts. You can enjoy them for breakfast, have them with a hot cup of coffee, or indulge for a sweet treat at any time of the day. After I finished my business degree, it was a no brainer for me what business I was going to open.

As a business major and a techie, I took a great deal of time choosing the right tools to start my business. I knew that I needed the equipment and the software that would help meet the needs of my business while also helping us push more and do more.

The food and restaurant industry is rife with competition, and every decision counts. I knew I couldn’t afford to make haphazard choices.


I had read a lot about the iPad POS, and I decided that its features would offer the best solutions for my donut business. I was right.

From a technical standpoint, the system was very easy to use, and my couple of employees learned it quickly. We have often had to rely on younger and more inexperienced workers, and every worker we’ve hired has been able to learn the system easily.

The iPad POS has also helped us to refine our business model. The software tracks sales, telling us what we sell, when we sell it, and how much of it we sell. Not only does that help us to manage inventory so that we reduce waste (and save money), but it also helps us to adjust our offerings so that we can increase our sales.

For example, we tried a lot of new and “experimental” flavors for our donuts in the beginning, such as bacon maples and pistachio. Through the tracking on the iPad POS, we learned quickly that despite the positive feedback, the pistachio donut was a poor seller, while we also learned that the bacon maple was a sleeper hit. We scaled back our marketing for the pistachio (and ultimately dropped it altogether) and amped up promotion of the bacon maple and tried out a few new flavors similar to it.

Ultimately, we were able to provide our customers exactly what they wanted and to maximize our profits, helping us to edge out our competition and ensure the success of our business.

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