Keeping Track of Food and Beverage Orders With a Tablet POS

Throughout the world—literally—a restaurant point of sale system is being used to reduce costs, increase speed, and add to productivity. If you incorporate a tablet POS system you can keep track of food and beverage orders with fewer mistakes.

The tablet POS system can be used in one of two ways. The first is by your wait staff. You can send wait staff to the tables with a tablet in hand and they can browse through the visual display of food and beverage options and use the touch screen to take orders as the customers give them.

In this case, the wait staff can see high resolution images of the available meals and drinks so that there are fewer mistakes. They can also offer customers detailed pictures of the daily specials or suggest food and wine or beer pairings.

By using the tablet POS system, your wait staff can reduce the number of mistakes or missed orders and thereby increase customer satisfaction and return rates.

You can also use a wifi network to instantly send the food and beverage orders to the kitchen where a tablet can be used as a digital display. This alleviates the need of the wait staff to walk back and forth to deliver the orders. Instead the kitchen staff can see it as soon as it is ordered and read any additional preparation instructions.

Once the customers are finished, they can make a secure payment at the table with the same tablet POS and have a receipt printed on the spot, or sent to their mobile device or email.

The other way you can use the tablet POS system is to place a tablet at each table under a secure display. This allows the customers to use the touch screen features on the tablet and place their own orders immediately

. If they want to add something to the order, they can do it without having to wait for the attention of a busy waiter.

They can also order new drinks and keep an eye on their tab as they place the orders. They can browse through high resolution photos until they find something they want, and when they are done, they can make a secure payment from the table without bothering the wait staff.

If at any point they need a server, they can use the tablet to ask for one.

Simple, accurate and a money saver that you can’t afford NOT to have for your business.

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