Are You Thinking About Upgrading Your Laptop?

If you are looking to upgrade your old laptop computer, the good news is that you have many options available. Laptops are still the preferred computer by home and business users for a variety of reasons, such as it flexibility, durability, and ease of use.

The use of ultrabooks for personal and business use is one option that provides the average user with improved functionality and performance. The following will review some of the specifications included for this with these computers.

Upon getting a first look, the case has a polished aluminum style look, but is made of durable plastic. A thin frame makes this device look smaller when compared to other computer options that are currently available on the market.

The thin frame also results in a laptop that weighs less than 2 kg and the height of the case measures just under 21 mm. This makes it an idea device for anyone that is constantly on the go.

Various connection options are available on ultrabooks to meet the needs of any user. These units have a total of three USB ports. One USB port is able to support sleep mode and charging. This means users are able to charge a device using a USB charge cord when their laptop is close and turned off.

There is also a fast Ethernet connection and a connection used for an HDMI display. A card reader and two audio jacks are on the right side of the case, giving users multiple connection options and the flexibility they need to use their laptop in conjunction with many other forms of technology.

Standard communication capabilities available include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This means that users can connect any number or peripherals over Bluetooth and connect to the Internet at all Wi-Fi hotspots.

When it comes to the computer system used, the operating system on the laptop is Windows 10 and it comes with various tools and applications that are available. This includes Nero 12 that can be used to create backups and the Eco Utility. The Eco Utility is used to control power settings.

The touchpad below the keyboard also doubles as a clickpad for mouse functions. Other features include the a 14 inch display on most Toshiba ultrabook models, a resolution of 1366 x 768, and pixel density of 112 dpi, making the computer suitable for most professional graphics applications.

Finally, the laptop has an Intel processor that runs at 1.7 GHz. However, the clock speed can be increased up to 2.6 GHz with Turbo Boost. This means the laptop can be used for a variety of high-end applications.

Therefore, users are not limited to surfing the web and checking email and you can use these computers for almost anything that you need it for to get through your busy day.

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